MacHeist gives us more space with Squeeze

MacHeist is currently giving away free copies of LateNiteSoft’s Squeeze. All you have to do is register, and then get to downloading. You only have a few days to get it for free, though.

Squeeze uses Snow Leopard’s built-in file compression to transparently compress your data without you noticing it. Once you’ve compressed a file, it doesn’t appear any different at all. It just takes up less space on your harddisk. When you go to access it, OS X decompresses it on the fly without you ever knowing. Pretty great, huh? If you’re interested in finding out more about how this works, check out Squeeze’s FAQ.

So far, I have run Squeeze on my Applications, Desktop, Documents, Movies, Music, and Pictures folders. It has saved me over 2.5 GB of harddrive space. I am absolutely loving this application. In fact, I am considering buying a license to show my appreciation. If you want to buy the app, you can head over to their site to buy it for only $9.95. A very good deal!

Photo Credit: Dano

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