Macheist 3

The MacHeist guys are at it again. They have unleashed MacHeist 3 on the world. This time it includes quite a suite of applications. They also did a bit more this time, in terms of promotion. MacHeist had a big reveal with Chris Pirillo, Veronica Belmont and Lisa Bettany. You can see that recording here.

MacHeist, for those who don’t know, is a bundle of applications that are only available for a limited time. They are full versions of the programs, not hobbled versions. 25% of net sales goes towards the following charities:

Action Against Hunger.
Aids Research Alliance
Alliance for Climate Protection
Direct Relief International
Human Society International
The Nature conservancy
Save The Children
Save Dafur
Prevent Cancer Foundation
World Wildlife Fund.

Now, you can choose to have your portion go directly to one charity over another when you purchase the bundle. Within the Bundle you get the following applications:

iSale Retails for $39.95
Picturesque Retails for $34.95
SousChef Retails for $30.00
World of Goo Retails for $20.00
PhoneView Retails for $19.95
Little Snapper Retails for $39.00
Acorn Retails for $49.95
Kinemac Retails for $299.00
WireTap Studio Retails for $69.00
Big Bang Board Games Retails for $24.95 (available to the first 25,000 only).
Boinx TV Retails for $199.00
The Hit List Retails for $49.95.
Espresso Retails for $80.00

The whole bundle costs $39.00. Boinx TV, The Hit List, and Espresso are still locked, as of right now. They will be unlocked if the minimums are met. WireTap studio was the same way, but that was unlocked at $100,000 in donation totals.

If you see an application that you could use, it wouldn’t hurt to buy the bundle. It helps the developers, along with a portion going to charity. Also, it’s only available until April 7th, so go out and get the bundle now, before it’s gone.

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