Macgasmagram Friday: Apple Reflections

It appears our little #macgasm hashtag is getting tagged on all sorts of things completely not Apple related. Don’t fear, I’m ruthless in my search for your real pics. I found this little beauty yesterday, which I just adore. Apparently he was trying to get a sexy shot and it just happened to reflect the shiny Apple on his iPhone onto the beam. Just amazing. Thank you Eddie Frye (Instagram user freddy_v) for tagging your pic with #macgasm.

Do you want to be a photographer or just play one on the web? Here’s your chance! Tag the beauty shots of your Apple gear with #macgasm on Instagram. Each week we select one lucky participant to be featured on Macgasmagram Friday. Get creative. You just need to have the #macgasm in the comments section of your Instagram photo to qualify. Tune in on Fridays (like you ever miss a post, right?) and see if you have what it takes to be featured. Good luck and happy snapping.

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