Macgasm Friday: A Week In Review

While the title for this first installment of Macgasm Friday is intentionally straightforward, I’d still be remiss if I didn’t take a few words to introduce myself and tell you what this is all about.

So that’s where I’ll start with this wrap-up for the last week of January, 2008.

New weekly feature at — I’m Chris Roberts. I’ve been blogging (poorly) in some form or another for the past 6 years. I run my own A/V/tech biz, host and produce podcasts, get epic lulz from my two dogs, and have a wife — sorry, fellas. I’ve been buddies with Josh here at the ‘gasm for about 4 hours now, and I was more than happy to come aboard. He was super-awesome in letting me design my own demise here, and I thought the weekly-roundup-and-commentary-style was (1) not tired and played-out at all and (2) perfect for the lazy, pseudo-hardworking “professional” blogger like myself.

So, I’m in your computers every Friday. I’m planning on doing my best to bring you the week-in-review of everything Apple — “planning on” because my only success with committment has been with my wife, and that’s only because she’s so incredibly hot. Josh? Not so much.

Oh, and you’ll also get this high level of wit along with all the news. Exciting, yes?

I can’t do it without you, though. So hit me regularly with newsworthy bits or cute puppy pictures at chris(at)

Change your MBAir battery in 20 easywarranty-voiding steps! — The fine and apparently deep-pocketed folks over at iFixit have ripped apart the MacBook Air so you don’t have to. What they found may shock — SHOCK! — you. It turns out the MBAir is incredibly thin. I know! It surprised me, too. Beside that, they found that 19 screws stood — sat? — between them and a battery removal. Steve must have a thing for 19 — another 19 screws hold the display to the rest of the Air. Something else they found that you might have already known: the 80GB HDD is the same or similar as the one found in the iPod Classic. Still, though, the fact that Apple was able to pack any of this into such a small form factor is still pretty slick even when considering the impending battery doom. (Link)

Whither Apple TV upgrades? — The dozens of Apple TV Take One users were heard groaning loudly when the two-weeks-from-Steve’s-keynote deadline came and went without the promised software upgrade. With the upgrade comes the ability to purchase content right on the Apple TV, eliminating the need for a computer to handle the iTunes transactions. Also included is support for HD and Flickr/.Mac photo viewing. The new software, which was supposed to drop earlier this week, won’t be hitting devices for yet another two weeks, according to a press release from Cupertino. Sad times. (Link)

A P.S. from your humble author: TUAW clearly misread the presser; the “end of February” promise was touting content. The upgrade will be within two weeks, per the release. Just saying; we here at Macgasm can read better.

And with that… — I’m out for this week. A short deadline will give you a short column, no doubt. Again, huge thanks to Josh for welcoming me, and thank you for sparing 30-45 seconds of your time to skim the article. I want — nay, long for — you to be a part, so get at me, chris(at), with anything you think might be meritorious.

Don’t worry, my standards (for now) are pretty low.