Macbook Pro dropped at 195 mph and still boots

A motorcycle enthusiast  went for a ride on his bike with his Macbook Pro in his backpack. During his ride, the zipper on his backpack somehow got unzipped, and his beloved Macbook fell out of his bag while he was riding at a speed of 195 miles per hour.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon and the boys wen out for a ride… on some damn powerful motorcycles… One of them took his brand new MabBook Pro 13? on his standard back pack… When testing the bike at 315km/h [195mph], the backpack zip started to fail… and all of the sudden, the macbook flew trough the air… landing on the side of the road, beginning a series of turns and crushes from about 150 meters… while being torn apart.

The aluminum casing is completely bent and pretty much destroyed. But, all hope is not lost yet, because his Macbook still boots when connected to an external monitor!

The best part… we try to make it work again…. and we could!!!
the hard disk, motherboard and superdrive survived! and with an external monitor, keyboard/mouse and new ddr3 memory modules… it booted!!

Well, what can I say? You got extremely lucky here, but just remember to never bring your Macbook with you when you’re out on your bike trying to impress all the ladies.

Article & Images via OS X Daily

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