Mac shipments explode in big business and government

Growth, the number one statistic overlooked by people trying to lay the smack down on Apple for their market share. Apple doesn’t have the largest slice of the pie when it comes to market share of PCs, but they’ve been outpacing the industry when it comes to market growth over the last couple of years.

According to IDC and Needham’s Charlie Wolf, in June of this year (2010), Apple’s shipments were 14.1 percent higher than the industries growth rate of 20.9 percent, bringing them to a growth rate of 35 percent. That’s pretty impressive, but it’s not the most interesting number for the month. Apple’s Mac shipments to governments grew 200 percent in the month, and is 16 times higher than the markets average 12.1 percent growth. That’s huge, and considering it along side the other statistics both at the consumer level and business levels (3x higher than the market), it becomes quite evident that Apple’s growing their market share quite handsomely.

Wolf suggests that the growth has a lot to do with the iPhone “Halo” effect still, but I’d argue that he’s probably a device too late. While the iPhone 4 has enough buzz of it’s own these days, the iPad is clearly getting noticed by everyone, and it’s likely the driving force for Mac sales in the business sector.  Having both the iPhone and iPad in your arsenal can’t hurt though, and clearly Apple’s reaping the reward of purchases from consumers.

Article Via CNN Fortune

Photo Credit: Colleen AF Venable

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