Mac mini on sale at Amazon, save $100.00

We’re going to save you the deluge of “sale” posts today, and only post the stuff that have huge discounts on them. The Mac mini is on sale at Amazon, and it’s far and away a better deal than buying it from Apple directly.

The Mac mini normally comes in at $699.00, but today on Amazon it’s $599.00. If you’re already in the market for a new mini, like I am, this extra hundred dollars off is great news.

What can you use the mini for? Pretty much anything. I have mine hooked up to my TV and it acts as a DVR/PVR with an EyeTV dongle and cable. It makes a nice companion to my Apple TV. It also makes a great entry-level computer for Mom and Pops. So, if you’re feeling super generous this holiday season, one of these might look nice under that Charlie Brown tree you’ve got in your living room.

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