Mac App Store developer, EnsenaSoft, first to hit 1 million downloads

EnsenaSoft, a relatively unknown development house, may just be the first developer on the Mac App Store to have hit the 1 million download mark. The company, according to Industry Gamer, has seen 7,000 downloads per day, across all 31 of their applications, since arriving on the Mac App Store. According to the article, EnsenaSoft is the first developer on the Mac App Store to break 1 million downloads.

That’s a pretty huge feat for a company who I’ve never heard of before. One would expect some of the major development houses and game developers to have reached the 1 million download plateau a lot sooner than a company like EnsenaSoft.

The Mac App Store has been a great equilizing platform for smaller and independent developers, who previously had difficulty getting recognition alongside major development companies. But, it did take 31 applications to pull off this feat for EnsenaSoft. The numbers average about 32,000 downloads per application on the Mac App Store.

EnsenaSoft predominately makes educational games for students of all ages, including Sudoku, alphabet, and math games. Maybe this next generation isn’t as screwed as we thought they were.

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