Love me, love Apple: Finding love for the OS X obsessed

I met my last boyfriend while I was on the clock at my Apple Store gig.

It was a slow night,  a few weeks after Halloween, which is typical for retail that time of the year. It was near closing time, so us Specialists were congregating in the middle of the store, grateful to have a break from incessant customer questions.

In walked The Boy. He was with a friend, who needed to have the glass on his iPhone replaced. While waiting, I chatted up The Boy out of boredom. We talked about his white MacBook, and I showed him the 24 in. Cinema Display. And before he left, I handed him my Apple business card. This turned into a six month relationship.

So in honor of Valentine’s Day and Apple, Macgasm presents the best ways for OS X users to find the nerdy love of their dreams. (Better start perfecting your “slide to unlock”!)

  • Your local Apple store: This especially works well if you’re female and know the difference between a DVI and a HDMI connection. Apple Stores are boys’ clubs, so the odds are in your favor. Even if you’re not in the market for a new machine, stroll in and chat up a Specialist. Ask for his/her business card. And when you get home, send a friendly Facebook message saying thanks. You never know!
  • OK Cupid: Or online dating, in general. I’ve been an on-and-off member of OKC for the past two years. Why do I keep going back? It’s free, easy to use, and many members are Apple-obsessed. Admittedly it takes a lot of effort to separate the wheat from the chaff (that’s what you get with free), but when you find someone special it’s totally worth it.
  • Twitter: is how I’ve met many new friends in New York City. Our fearless Editor-in-Chief Joshua found me this way as well, during last summer’s iPhone 3GS launch/live-blogging extravaganza. Search for #apple (or any related keywords) and see what people are saying. Write some @ replies to the interesting ones. You may start following each other, and progress to Facebook friends…and maybe real life lovers.
  • Anywhere you see someone with an Apple product: Last week I was chatted up by a stranger on the subway. Even though our conversation ranged from our respective neighborhoods to abandoned construction in Brooklyn, I was happy when he pulled out an iPhone to get my number. I grabbed mine out of my pocket and said “Me too!” This led to the “How did we ever live before iPhone?” conversation.  So chat up the cutie in the coffee shop with a spandy-new 15 in. MacBook Pro. Pretty soon you might find out how many inches he brings to the bedroom.

So there you have it, kids. I wish you all a lovely Valentine’s Day, if you’re married, coupled, complicated or single (like me).  The nerdy loves of our dreams are out there. Whether you’re using GPS or FourSquare to find them, happy loving!

Lisette is a former Apple retail employee (Specialist, to be exact!) She graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Journalism/Media Studies. Currently living in New York City, Lisette is ready to be the writer she always dreamed of… and… Full Bio