Live TV Can Be Viewed On iPad, iPhone Says New York City Judge

A New York City-based startup that goes by the name Aereo recently started to offer a service that allows users to watch over-the-air live TV via an iOS device or the web. Aereo works by allowing each subscriber to rent an extremely small, off-site TV antenna. The signal from this antenna is then rebroadcast via the net. And while users are thrilled with the service, broadcasters aren’t. However, U.S. District Judge Allison Nathan ruled that Aereo can continue to send live TV via the net, rejecting a bid by major broadcasting companies.

FOX, ABC,CBS and NBC have already filed a copyright infringement suit against Aereo and are appealing the judge’s ruling. Judge Nathan acknowledges that the service could hurt advertising rates and possibly turn people away from cable; however the Judge decided to rule in Aereo’s favor because of a prior ruling that allowed Cablevision DVR’s to view content from remote servers. This case was ruled in Cablevision’s favor as it didn’t seem to violate any copyright laws.

Source: AP via TUAW via Phone Arena

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