LilyPad lets you charge your iPad and more with the sun’s rays

Kickstarter has been the womb of many great ideas, and what David Foster is doing with the LilyPad is nothing short of amazing. The LilyPad is an iPad case with a built in solar array to keep you juiced using the endless supply of solar rays beaming down on us from space.

David’s attention to detail in getting this product right is apparent from every angle. He has bundled in features such as a USB port to charge any other gadget you may be toting along with you. Personally I think every charger case should include one of these as you can always use a 5v usb port!

Another sweet feature of the case is a built in HDMI port that is iPad compatible. You simply carry a standard HDMI cable with you and you can beam your Keynote presentations onto a projector or TV.

As almost all cases do nowadays, the Lilypad will double as an iPad stand so you can comfortably watch movies completely hands-free and it even includes a nice typing riser to help prevent carpal tunnel from kicking in.

The product still has 16 days to go over at KickStarter, but it has already nearly doubled its initial $27,000 goal and is rising steadily.

When the drive wraps up, people who donated at the appropriate level will be thanked with a LilyPad, which is available in numerous different color selections and made to fit their choice of either the iPad or iPad 2.

If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on one, head over to their KickStarter page and commit to $165 or more. David has stated that manufacturing has already begun on the LilyPad and updates aren’t far off. Estimated delivery dates have been assigned for KickStarter backers as October, 2011, which backs the statements David makes about manufacturing.

Source: KickStarter
Via: 9to5Mac 

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