Like Frosted Flakes, Fluid is Great!

Do you have a lot of online services that you use all the time? Are you sick of always having to open up a web browser to view those sites like Digg, Flickr, Gmail, or even Twitter? Well if you would like a simple way to view those sites and services, then I have the application for you.

Fluid is a simply app that takes your favorite website and runs it in a standalone window. The best part is that it’s free! So let’s say you have a gmail account. You don’t want to deal with or thunderbird. Well, with fluid, you launch the application and a dialog box pops up asking for the URL you want to access. You put in . Give the location a name that you will recognize, and pick a location on your computer to save this file. You also have a choice to use the websites favicon or you can use your own that you make or that you have downloaded. The result is great. Check where you saved the file and you will find an icon with the name you gave it. Double click and you are running a webpage as an application! I have been using this for just a few months now, but I couldn’t go a day with out using it either. They even offer plugins to make the application even more versatile.

More information on Fluid along with the download and demo videos can be found at

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