More KIRF Apple Stores found in China and forced to stop pretending

kirf apple storeReuters is reporting that 22 more KIRF Apple Stores have been found in southwest China. The stores were forced to halt the use of any Apple signage and branding by the Chinese authorities.

Last month we reported on an initial batch of fake Apple Stores in Kunming, China, a city that Apple does not actually own a store in. The store was revealed by blogger BirdAbroad, who released several photos from inside one of the stores. 

Apple has gone to great lengths in and around Beijing to ensure officials protect consumers from being fooled by these stores by working with officials to cover up any deceiving Apple logos.

Initially, it wasn’t clear if these fake stores were selling actual Apple products or knockoffs. As of late, though, it has been confirmed that they are selling actual Apple hardware purchased from third party resellers.

Apple has yet to go on record about the KIRF Apple Stores, but I have to think if there were 22 stores in Kunming, Apple may have a valuable future in the city and should probably start seeking retail space immediately.

Source: Reuters

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