My kingdom for an iPad case

Now that I am part of the so-called iPad Cult, I am starting to look for just the right case. Of course, our writers have written *extensively* about iPad cases, but everyone’s needs are a little bit different. As luck would have it, there are more cases available than I could ever dream of shaking a stick at. Now I just have to decide what it is I want.

I have a long history of using cases on my iPods, and I’ve really been a huge fan of silicone slip-covers. They feel nice in my hand, provide plenty of traction, and they have protected my iPods extremely well. In fact, I dropped my iPod touch onto concrete from about three feet last month, and it is good as new. Without a doubt, I know that silicone cases are what I like for handheld devices. Does that apply to my iPad as well?

I have to admit, the Apple-branded case is looking pretty good right now. Maybe silicone isn’t right for this form factor, and I should take my lead from what Apple is putting its name on. I do like that the case acts as a stand, but I am still not sold on having a fold-away screen cover. Doesn’t it make holding the device something of a pain? Maybe I can convince my local Apple store to let me fiddle with one.

I’ve done my own searching. I’ve read the bile-filled user reviews of every case on the block. Now I want to know what you guys use for your iPads. What have you found works the best for you? Let me know by leaving a comment on this post.

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