Jailbreak via redsn0w drops uncharacteristically onto iOS 5 beta

It took me all of about five minutes to wrestle the urge not to upgrade to iOS 5. Typically I like to wait until The iPhone Dev Team releases a solid Jailbreak.

With the sheer number of features paired with the long wait until launch day, I decided to pull the trigger early. Little did I know, the powers that be would break tradition and release a Jailbreak before iOS 5 goes public.

What started out as a single tweet from famed iPhone Dev Team member @MuscleNerd has turned into a beta release of redsn0w. Users are being warned that this release is purely meant for developers to start creating and updating their Jailbreak apps to be ready for the fall release. We are going to echo that sentiment and advise you to hold off as numerous features are likely to be broken or unavailable.

There is currently no untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5. So, if you can’t resist the urge to try, be prepared to attach your iOS device to a computer every time you need to reboot.

Article Via Slash Gear

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