iTunes Radio Already Passing Spotify, Google Play In Usage

The service has only been public since September, but iTunes Radio just keeps on climbing to the top of stream mountain. A new report from Edison has Apple’s music streaming service already surpassing industry stalwarts like Spotify, Google Play All Access, and Rhapsody in the “percentage of Americans who have used the service in the last month” department.

Pandora is the giant at the top of the hill, with 31 percent of Americans using the service, but iHeartRadio is all that’s left between Apple and Pandora, and they’re at just 9 percent.

The results are pretty surprising. I know people use iTunes Radio, but when it comes to online dialog it always seems like Spotify is a runaway success. At least, that’s how it seems to this Canadian who can’t access it.

Given the baked in nature of iTunes Radio, and Apple’s access to a giant catalog of music, it wouldn’t be a leap to assume that the giant lead that Pandora currently has in the industry will shrink some in the coming year.

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