iTunes 11 to be redesigned from the ground up?

iTunes has remained fairly unchanged since its initial launch on January 9th, 2001, but iTunes 11 could bring with it a complete redesign.

At this point,  the question is not whether iTunes will get an overhaul to its aging UI, but when. Sources are saying that the next major release, iTunes 11, could answer that question.

Along with a redesigned UI, we are also expecting to see full blown iCloud integration, which in theory could allow you to stream your media library to all of your computers, without using up any disk space, as well as save device backups and your advancements on Cut The Rope.

To me, iTunes has never really fit in with the hip crowd of applications bundled with Mac OS X. The UI is clunky and way too text based. Even features like CoverFlow, which increased the visual appeal, have failed to impress us visually.

I sincerely hope the rumors are correct and that iTunes 11 brings us a really streamlined but sexy interface.

Apple has really put all of their software through the design process over the years and come out with some amazing interfaces, with iTunes being forced to wear last year’s Jordans.

Fancy iTunes Logo Credit: Michelle Anne Russo
Via: MacRumors

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