Is Apple Creating Its Own Search Engine?

There were rumors in the past about Apple possibly inventing  its own search engine.  However, the idea slowly died down as quickly as it was circulated.  If Apple decidees to create its own search engine, it would more thank  likely be more of a mobile search engine to go with its popular iPhone.  Apple was rumored to have disliked the search functionality on the iPhone, so it would make more sense for them to do this.  With Google, Bing, and Yahoo being the forerunners of search engines, I don’t think that Apple would stand a chance.  Also, it wouldn’t make sense to create one just for Safari because not everyone uses the browser.

“The idea gets its latest traction because Apple has recently ejected Google CEO Eric Schmidt from its board.  Apple and Google are in competition with each other on a number of fronts. There is Apple’s Safari versus Google’s Chrome browser, which is not yet ready as a Mac OS X browser but is close to release. There is the iPhone and O/S versus Google’s Android mobile phone O/S, and Apple banning Google Voice from the iPhone.”

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