Get your IRC fix on the go with IRChon

I’ve had a pretty dangerous relationship with IRC throughout my computing years. It started in early high school while AOL was the big name on the internet, and it has continued on and off throughout the years. I’ve met some pretty cool people chatting there, and one of them helped me found this site.

I was pretty surprised early on by the lack of iPhone applications that let you connect to IRC, but I’ve since found one that works fairly well. IRChon lets me get my fix on my iPhone whenever i’m on the road. It’s not as intuitive as I would like it to be, but it works pretty good. You can connect to multiple servers, and multiple channels much like any IRC desktop application, but one caveat I found was the applications inability to issue commands like /msg, /me and all those other things that make IRC a fun place to interact.

One really cool thing that they’ve built in is the ability to see thumbnails of website links in the built in browser. It saves you from both leaving the application, and looking at those perverse and grotesque images that some people think a hilarious enough to try and dupe you into clicking them.

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