iPhoneModem, I told you so.

A couple days back I wrote an article about how annoyed I was that corporate interests were determining what I can and I cannot do with my iPhone (read Qik). It’s quite annoying that in today’s day and age everyone’s trying to tell the smart kids, who know very well what the functionality of their devices are, how they’re allowed to use their hardware and for what purposes. Well it was only a matter of time before a black market popped up around the original iPhone, and now applications that are being pulled from the store are starting to find their way online. We’re starting to see a bit of a revolution. iPhoneModem, while not free or available to us non-jailbroken users, has given us a NetShare equivalent application that lets us tether our phones to our laptops. So if you want to stick it to AT&T, or Rogers… give it a go.

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