iPhone ship times seemed to have slipped temporarily

IPhone 4 ship times 625x284

For a while, it seemed as if we’d gone back to when the iPhone 4 first came out. The amount of time estimated by Apple for an iPhone to ship jumped to 1-3 days up from the usual 24 hours for a brief time. As usual, the suspicion is that as we get closer to the launch of the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 stock will begin to fall.

What is interesting about this case in particular is two things:

1. There has been some speculation that Apple might keep the iPhone 4 around to sell at a cheaper price — kind of like the iPhone 3GS now. The dwindling supplies would seem to point away from that idea.
2. The estimated shipping times have since returned to 24 hours.

I suppose at this point all we can do is wait. Wait for the times to pop back up to 1-3 days again, or better yet, just wait until the darned iPhone 5 actually comes out so we can stop caring about little details like how long the iPhone 4 will take to ship.

Source: Apple Insider

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