iPhone Konami code easter egg

Everyone knows or has even at least heard of the Konami Code right?

The Konami Code, known in Japan as the Konami Command (コナミコマンド, Konami Komando?), is a cheat code that appears in many Konami video games, [1] although the code also appears in some non-Konami games.

Well, if you visit milliondollarcu.be, from your iPhone or iPod Touch, then use the swipe gesture on the site to enter the code, you get a nice little Easter egg of a big eye show up, that moves around when you move your finger around the screen. Nothing really happens once you’ve done it, just a bit of fun like lots of other sites have been doing recently.


So, I received an email from one of the site developers Robert Black earlier about some new updates which have been pushed to the site.

As of tonight I’ve reworked the loading of the iPhone-specific homepage, and it now features iPhone native hardware-accelerated 3D rendering of the Cube while the ads load in the background. Words don’t do it justice, so here’s a short video showing the new features

ps. The home page of the site features it’s own Konami Code and easter egg when viewed in a regular desktop browser, using the keyboard. In fact it’s a double-konami ;-)

So make sure you go and check it out if you still haven’t got round to it.

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