Does the iPhone keyboard really suck?

I would like to petition our loyal readers. We know you’re there (we see the stats), so drop us some quick insights into the comments. If you have a Touch or an iPhone, I would really like to find out if you loathe the iPhone keyboard or not. I’ve read a couple of articles and watched a video this week that argue the merits of tactile feedback, but I’m not 100 percent sure that I agree. CNET has even posted an interesting video competition between an iPhone and a Netbook.

I think the problem with the iPhone steams from the occasional slowdown in response time that occurs on occasion. With a tactile keyboard you know you’ve hit the appropriate button when the operating system slows down and needs to catch up a little. This doesn’t happen with the iPhone, typo’s are harder to realize. I type the best on the device when I’m not worrying about my typing and trust my fingers. If i’m going slow, I tend to make a lot more mistakes.

So what do you think, is the iPhone keyboard as bad as the haters say it is?

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