iPhone icon magnets

Way back in my very first post, I told you about iPhone icon paperclips I’d found on Etsy. Now the creator of those little designs has made my headlines again with these iPhone icon magnets. Proving very popular, they’re sold on Bear Duck Designs and cost a nifty $38 (that’s about £23).

The pack contains all 20 standard icons (SMS, calendar, mail, safari etc.) and comes in a handy little tin shaped like an iPhone! Trinkets like these can brighten up a room or desk-space of the most die hard mac fan, and Bear Duck Designs advise you cover your fridge, lamp, garbage can, or anything metal.

Like the paperclips, these magnets are made from strong materials like neodymium, so you won’t see anything falling loose from their grip. Measuring 13mm square and standing 3mm tall, they’re perfect for holding up the shopping list, and since it’s that time of year they’re ideal as stocking fillers!

If you don’t fancy owning all 20 of the icons (but I really don’t know why…), Bear Duck Designs offer 4 icons of your choice from the 20 listed for $8 (£4)

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