Instagram Sees Record Breaking Activity This Thanksgiving, Service’s Busiest Day Ever

You may not know this, but people on Instagram really like taking pictures of their food. This likely proved a major factor yesterday when Instagram had its busiest day ever, making it the second Thanksgiving in a row to break the record.

While Instagram didn’t give specific numbers of how many photos/videos were uploaded, we know that on Thanksgiving of last year the service saw over 10 million uploads with roughly 200 images being uploaded each second. Seeing as Instagram has grown substantially since that time and has also added video support, we can expect these numbers were significantly higher this year.

Besides being Thanksgiving, yesterday also marked the second day of Hanukkah, adding to the number of filtered festive family photos.

Instagram has featured a couple of these user photos in a collage on its company blog.

Photo Credit: timsackton cc

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