Infinity Blade making money hand over fist in the first 6 months

If you need an indicator of just how well some applications are doing on the App Store, you need to look no further than Chair Enteratinment’s Infinity Blade. According to VG24/7 the game has made over $11 million in sales in a little over six months on the App Store.

If math serves me correctly, and usually it doesn’t, that means that Chair Entertainment has sold Infinity Blade appoximately 1,836,393.99 times. The math isn’t that simple, considering there are some in app-purchases available ranging from $0.99–$49.99, but the numbers paints a fairly accurate picture of the situation.

Today Apple announced that the App Store has seen 15 billion applications downloaded in just three years. It’s expected that that number could easily balloon as more customers start to flock to mobile devices in the near future.

Between Chair Entertainment’s news and Apple’s news, it’s pretty obvious that the place to be right now is the mobile industry. While Infinity Blade is easily one of the more popular, and more advanced, titles on iOS, it’s pretty easy to assume that a lot of developers are making tiny fortunes off of developing for the iOS platform. According to Apple’s press release today, there are 200 million iOS users worldwide and 425,000 applications on the App Store. It’s likely that both of those numbers will continue to increase month after month, year after year.

If you’re looking for a new job, or thinking about potential carreers in the future, you may want to sit down and think long and hard about getting in on the mobile app market at this point.

Source: VG24/7
Hat tip: Terry Lucy

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