iMpulse Game Controller: Small In Size, Big In Stature?

With seven days left to go and their funding goal more than amply fulfilled, there is little doubt that the iMpulse Game Controller will eventually move on to become a bona fide thing, one that might even see residence at a retail chain somewhere. As for what it is precisely, the iMpulse Game Controller is exactly what it sounds like: a peripheral that will allow you to play games and conduct tasks with greater ease on your mobile devices. Additionally, it looks like the device can also double as a key finder and a media controller.

Purportedly the smallest wireless controller for mobile devices on the market today, the iMpulse Game Controller is being manufactured in Southern California and is being spearheaded by Black Powder Media, a company with a fairly decent list of credentials behind it.

So, if the idea of a pocket-sized device that can eliminate the need to dodge your own thumbs while tackling twin-stick shooters wasn’t enough to make you flutter, here’s more: there’s a free SDK to go along with the iMpulse Game Controller and support for emulators. As an additional bonus, you’ll even be able to continue to make full use of it should you ever make the dreaded switch to Android. I’m sold. That said, the controller will apparently retail for over $40 when it finally makes its way to the market. Consequently, if you want to pick up one of these babies, now’s probably the best time — it’ll only set you back $30.

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