iMac gets schooled as Apple releases a sub 1k 21-inch for education

Apple has been known to offer education exclusive machines for schools, and it seems they have stayed true to the practice with the recent launch of a 21-inch iMac for $999. The lower end model is not available for regular joes, and is meant to help schools with tight budgets stay on course.

The new model sports a 3.1ghz  i3, 2 gigs of ram and 250 gigs of hard drive space. It does not, however, include a Thunderbolt port. Instead it carriers the late mini Display Port.

If you run a school, you can pick it up now through the higher educational online store.  Oh yeah, for an extra $150 the machines can upgrade to an i5 CPU with double the ram and hard drive space.

Source: Apple
Via: MacRumors

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