iLife and iWork apps to be sold unbundled on the Mac App Store

We’ve all seen the PR photos on Apple’s website, and we’ve all probably watched the keynote by now, but no one has really said anything about the iLife and iWork bundles that were staring us right in the face while Apple showed off the Mac App Store.

These apps, traditionally bundled for OS X, seem to be available for purchase on an app-by-app basis, much in the same way that they’re available in the iOS App Store. This is great news for consumers, if it ends up being true. Moments after picking up iLife 11, I realized that I’d never use 40% of the applications available on the disk (iWeb and iDVD). Had these applications been available on an app-by-app basis, I would have saved some money.

This is a still a lot of speculation, but how would you feel if you could buy Pages and Keynote, without have to buy Numbers? And for that matter, what would happen if you wanted to buy them all? Is there a cheaper bundle price, or is this a sneaky way to grab a couple more dollars per sale?

This Mac App Store is going to be interesting, and it’ll be fun to see how it plays out in both the tech-savvy and not so tech-savvy circles. My initial reaction is that it’ll be a hit with everyone except developers and people who don’t want to pay for their apps, but that’s just a hunch.

The Mac App Store will be available in 89 days (and counting).

Article Via MacNN

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