iLabel: For Those Of You With O.C.D.

Seems like some people could really get a thrill out of using this application. I know a couple of people who label everything: cds,dvds,books,tech. You name it, it’s labelled. I get a kick out of it personally, but for those of you out there who need to satisfy that powerful urge, I think I should mention this app.

“Barcode sheets, parcel labels, enveloppes or business cards”, iLabel does it all. It takes the repetition out of those mundane tasks of printing labels. I once had a summer job where the entire office staff was completely tech illiterate. The were writing out timecards by hand for all of their hourly employees… I didn’t get it, but being a techie, I immediately showed them how to run them through a laser printer. I wish this application was around at that time. Getting the margins setup properly was a pain in my ass. If you’re primary job is dealing with labeling stuff then this application is for you, and it’s likely worth the 49.95 price point, but for me… I’ll stick with Office templates…thank you very much!

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