iGame turns your iPod into a Wii, almost

Over at elonex they’ve been busy coming up with a completely new idea that will revolutionize the gaming market… It’s a dock for your iPod that you plug into your TV so you can wave a Wii-Mote style controller around to make
Cathy, Mark and your friends jump around on screen playing games like bowling, table tennis, darts, firecracker and trampoline.

Quotes from the brochure (Opens PDF)

The iGAME is a great new gaming experience that is both
entertaining and engaging but also simple to play, great for
interacting with family and friends and above all healthy and
Using wireless vibrating controllers the iGAMER swings the
controller as if it were a real tennis racket and the movements are
mimicked by the character on the screen. This not only gives kids
a great introduction to computers but also helps improve motor
skills and visualisation.

It’s compatible with a wide selection of iPods which is quite good though, but weirdly it is just iPods, the iPhone isn’t on their list of supported devices, or did they simply just miss it off the list.

iGAME lets you get the very most out of your iPod. Browse through your
iPod folders on the TV using the iGAME controller. Get the party started
with your music, playlists and podcasts and watch movies, music videos and
vidcasts full screen on your TV!

I wonder if it will be compatible with other games and apps that you can buy using Apple’s own App Store, or if it will be completely locked down just for their own titles. They’re looking for developers to create more titles though, so if you fancy your chances get in touch with them.

No prices out for it yet, but Joystiq.com have got in touch to see if they can dig up any more information.

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