Idiots Armed With Assault Rifles Rob A Van Full Of Apple Gear In France

Earlier today, a van carrying Apple products in Aulnay-sous-Bois, just outside of Paris, France, was assaulted by three men. The suspects were reportedly carrying rifles, either M16s or Kalashnikovs. Fortunately, the van’s driver and passenger are said to have been released without injuries in the woods of Val d’Oise.

The van was found abandoned a few hours later and the missing Apple products were found in a nearby house. The suspects have not yet been apprehended and it’s unclear why they would have abandoned the Apple products.

Apple products have become increasingly popular targets for criminals due to their popularity and high resale value. Usually Apple Stores are targeted though, as opposed to trucks. Guns have been used in the past, although suspects are not usually as heavily armed as the three men in France. The most well-known attempted robbery was a shootout in a San Diego store that ended with one of the robbers getting killed.

Also, who can’t tell the difference between a Kalashnikovs and an M16? Clearly people need to play more FPS games.

Source: NWE via MacNN
Image Credit: 9to5Mac

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