I once relished in the fact that Apple was different. DVD Jon is now bringing us “Choice.”

It’s been a couple years now since I’ve been a Mac user. Being in my early 20s at the time, I was into anything that was counter culture. If it stood out from the norm, I pretty much gravitated to it. Some call it a hipster culture, but frankly, I was only doing what every other generation did before me. I strove to be different. The hackers fan in me had me longing for a *nix based operating system that was mainstream enough to get access to applications like the Adobe bundle. Naturally the original 1984 commercial struck a chord the first time I saw it. Marketing genius, from a company that knows what it takes to sell through commercial, as exhibited in every ad campaign since the iPod came out.

Well, things have changed. Everywhere we look we see signs of Apple turning into the IBM culture that they strove to resist in their early days. Some say it was inevitable the moment the signed exclusivity deals with cellular carriers, and some say it was only the end of a long line of moves that culminated with the iPhone release. My personal opinion varies from day to day now, I still want to believe that Apple Inc. is different, but the current Google Vs. Apple battle I alluded to yesterday is another kick in the nuts.

Anyway, it seems as if I’m not the only person feeling this way lately. Good Ole’ DVD Jon feels the same way about that 1984 commerical, except his opinion mimics my feelings of late, as opposed to the original message of the 1984 ad. Instead of computers it’s iTunes, and the fact that it’s a closed system is a big sticking point for Mr. Jon Lech Johansen. I can’t blame him, we’re all a little tired of being dictated to lately. He’s put together an animated remake of the original commercial for an upcoming product release that is going to give iTunes users a choice of mobile device they’ll use to get their music. Sounds interesting if you ask me.

Here’s the video. Does Scary TV man look familiar?

Photo Credit: mouton.rebelle

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