I like that boom boom pow…

Every time I go into an Apple store here in London, there are always massive groups of the ‘Yoof’ hanging around all the computers, usually just watching YouTube videos and cranking the volume to max on the speakers before a member of Apple staff comes along and spoils their fun. It’s not that I always have things I’ve specifically gone in there to do, like getting that urgent memo over to Dave at the office and the Apple store is my only hope. I usually just want to go in and hold one of the unibody beauties I one day aspire to own for myself. But it does annoy me, and it’s even worse during the holidays, it’s like a youth centre in there sometimes.

Now, at least this kid is doing something more entertaining with his time there, and has so far raked in over 21,000 views of this video already.

Not to be the old man, stick in the mud kinda guy, but I don’t think I’d mind so much if they were all in there doing a massive choir version of Africa by Toto rather than seeing who can annoy the most people first.

Photo credit Thomas Hawk

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