Huge piracy bug arrives alongside the Mac App Store

If the Mac App store is supposed to be a secure and pirate free eco-system, why is it that I can buy an application, send it to a friend, and they can use it? It sounds like a bug that should have been fixed before the Mac App Store went live, but it turns out not to be the case.

We’ve tested it, and it’s true. One of our writers purchased a game and emailed me the application file. I copied it to my Applications folder, and ran it without a hitch: No iTunes verification needed. We don’t condone stealing software, so don’t be a dick and go reward the developers with your cash. I’ve since deleted it, and purchased the game for myself, but this still begs the question: what the hell is going on at Apple these days?

How can something like this fall through the cracks? I’m pretty sure developers are going to be pissed about this.

Update 1: This might be an app by app case.  Angry Birds requires a login to my iTunes account before it will open. At least it’s not all bad news for developers.

Update 2: It’s starting to look like this lack of “DRM” is falling on the shoulders of the developers.  Apple has apparently given them the tools (App Store receipt validation) to implement security measures for their apps.  Whether or not a developer includes it is solely up to them.

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