HP continues to roll out webOS features, including the new Isis browser

HP is staying true to its word, and it’s continuing to release parts of webOS to the public. Today, HP has unleashed UI widgets for Enyo 2.0, details on its Javascript core, and the Isis web browser. All great stuff, but it’s that Isis browser that has piqued our interest.

From the HP webOS Developer Blog:

We’ve benchmarked the new Isis webOS browser and have found it to be extremely responsive compared to other browsers made for general consumption. It has a fast render pipeline and JavaScript execution profile, which is critical to Enyo and other web technologies. It is extensively supportive of HTML5 and CSS3. Standards-compliance is important to developers because they can use technologies like Enyo to develop cross-platform web applications that already work well on webOS.

To be honest, I don’t know too much about webOS, having never gotten my hands on a device before they went defunct, but another webkit based browser on the market is great news.

HP is planning (maybe hopes is a better word) to release Open webOS 1.0 sometime in September. TouchPads and other webOS devices will obviously be able to upgrade to Open webOS.

Via: Engadget

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