I couldn’t hope to sum up a legend with a few words…

Steve Jobs isn’t someone you can sum up with words. As a writer, I would never be arrogant enough to even attempt it. What I do feel comfortable doing is expressing how deeply saddened I am to have lost him.

“I want to put a ding in The Universe”

When listening to Steve, I couldn’t help but be captivated. He could stop an entire audience in their tracks with just a few words. It wasn’t that his voice was powerful or overbearing, his words were.

I wasn’t always a fan of Apple. In fact, I opted for my RCA Lyra over the first iPod that I knew would fail. I ran RedHat and then Fedora confident that Microsoft and Apple were the devil. The day that all changed was March 24, 2001, with the release of Cheetah.

It was then that I knew Steve was steering Apple towards a course I could be comfortable with. It was then I began admiring the company, as I had already developed admiration for the man behind it.

I felt a void waking up this morning, an eery feeling that can only be described by a question mark. Steve Jobs was the vision behind so many products I use every single day. Those that don’t agree need only look at some of the “Mockups” of what the first iPhone should have looked like.

People tried to guess what the iPhone would look like, but no one got it right. No one could have guessed because we all live in a world that has us take what we know about something and apply it to how something else will work. Steve refused to live in that world, and that is why he is epic.

I could ramble for hours, but my point wouldn’t change. Steve Jobs didn’t put a ding in The Universe. When he departed this life, he left it unrecognizable.

God speed, Steve Jobs.

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