Here’s Photographic Evidence That The Kutcher Indie Flick On Jobs Is Terrible

As if you needed another reason to believe that the forthcoming independent film about Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher was going to be outright terrible. TMZ has stumbled across and posted some photos of Kutcher dressed up as Steve Jobs. It looks like the film is also throwing attention to detail to the wind, failing to accurately depict Jobs and his love for Levi jeans and New Balance running shoes. Instead, Kutcher’s Jobs loves what looks like Asics and slightly hipper and more expensive jeans. If you can overlook that fact, can you overlook the fact that Jobs wasn’t known for wearing that particular clothing combo until he was well into his 50s?

It has us wondering if Kutcher’s independent film has paid any attention to detail at all. It sure doesn’t look like it, does it? The only thing it looks like is a bunch of filmmakers looking to cash in on the Jobs story, which has us bummed because we were really hoping this thing would be good.

Status: Bummed Out.

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