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WWDC is coming closer and we’re already beginning to see early evidence of iOS 7 via web traffic. That bit of news was tied to some early concept ideas about iOS 7, one about the overall design and the other about possible App Store trials.

Hardware rumors kicked up as there were stories that said the Retina iPad Mini was due to enter production in a few months. The cheaper iPhone rumors resurfaced as a supplier reported a 40% increase in it’s workforce.

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  • The myth of Inbox Zero and the path to peace of mind, Why you fail at Inbox Zero and how to reframe the process.
  • Apps are too cheap, an argument that the community and Apple needs to do more to help ensure developers make a living.
  • Incestuous, Kickstarter-driven, hatred of casual: why one developer dropped out of the “indie scene”, one developer explains that the “community” might not always be a good thing.
  • Privacy Breach on Bloomberg’s Data Terminals , Bloomberg News is accused of using the company’s terminals to harvest data to break stories.
  • Coralbots will restore and rebuild damaged coral reefs, Robots lulling us into thinking they’re here to help.

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