Have an ’07-’08 MacBook Pro? You may be included in this Nvidia class-action settlement

Finally, there’s some resolution for the shoddy graphics cards and the scrambled video problems that have been present in ’07-’08 MacBook Pro lines with a Nvidia graphics chipset. Essentially, Nvidia is still claiming that they’re not at fault, but have agreed to replace or reimburse anyone who has had some problems. There’s three options that you are now afforded:

  1. You can have Nvidia replace the GPU or MCP
  2. If you have an HP Notebook, you might be able to get a replacement of similar value and kind
  3. Nvidia will pay for repairs related to the problems with the chips

You can register your email, or check to see if you’re included in the settlement at nvidiasettlement.com. But, after trying to figure out if my Macbook Pro is eligible, I realized that their detection process doesn’t even work, conveniently.

Luckily for them, I know with certainty that I bought my laptop in February of 2009.

Article Via Apple Insider

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