Hard drive prices may be on the rise due to shortages, could affect Apple

Get that new hard-drive you’ve been eye-balling as soon as possible because prices are on the rise. Seagate and Western Digital have both warned that flooding in Thailand has begun taking its toll on both companies’ factories, directly and indirectly, limiting their output capabilities.

According to analyst firm ISH iSupply, 25 percent of hard drives come from Thailand. Seagate has stated that they expect the shortage to last multi-quarters.

Timothy Leyden, Western Digital COO, said that “in addition to hard drive production stoppages, the flooding also impacted the company’s assembly test and slider facilities, as well as supply of components from other vendors, and is expected to constrain capacity for several quarters.”

Of course, the shortage will have an influence on more than just competent vendors. Companies such as Apple may have a hard time getting their hands on enough supply to roll out product updates in the future. Tim Cook mentioned on the financial call this week that Apple is anticipating shortages in the near future. Some people are already seeing pricing increases by 25–50 percent. If you’re in the market for a new hard drive, we would recommend that you run out and make a purchase soon. Prices will certainly be on the rise as supply begins to dry up.

Source: CRN

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