Half Of All Houses In The US Are Rocking Apple Products

The proliferation of Apple products across the US landscape is something that’s quite astounding to contemplate. We often joke about never seeing Android phones in the wild here at Macgasm, but given the results of a recent study by CNBC, we may not be that far off. According to a survey commissioned by CNBC, over half of all US homes now own at least one Apple product, and of those homes that do not have an Apple product, one in ten homes plan to purchase one in the next year.

You would think that all these houses with Apple products may actually be a problem for Apple moving forward as markets begin to dry up, but that’s not the case at all. “Americans don’t stop with just one device. Homes that own [at] least one Apple, own an average of three. Overall, the average household has 1.6 Apple devices, with almost one-quarter planning to buy at least one more in the next year.”

Not only is Apple growing at an insane rate, but their primary markets are growing right alongside of them. It wasn’t long ago that there was only one computer in a household, but today the norm seems to be switching to one computer per family member.

You can read the rest of the study over at CNBC

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