Greenpeace is down with the Air

I’m a bit of an activist at times for a number of things, it comes with having a biologist wife. Every time I throw something in the garbage that “could” be recycled I second guess it, and take it to the recycling bin out of fear of a lecture (i’m kidding, love you honey ;) ). Word on the street is that Greenpeace is giving a thumbs up to the MacBook: Air.

“This time Steve is on the right path for a green Apple. The MacBook Air is a strong entry in the race to build a green PC. As a mercury and arsenic free laptop it exceeds European Standards (RoHS directive exemptions) and raises the bar for the rest of the industry”(Greenpeace).

So, things are starting to look good for Apple. They also pointed out that Sony met the demands first, but we’re not a Sony blog, so we could really care less how “Sony” is performing. What matters the most to me is that the companies I support are making the necessary changes to help the environment. Good on you Apple.

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