Google TV not ready for CES 2011

According to a report in The New York Times, Google TV’s expected big splash at CES after the New Year might be less of a splash and more of a… whimper.

Forgetting mixed metaphors, it appears that several of Google’s partners — including Toshiba, LG and Sharp — had planned to unveil Google TV-powered devices. However, amid poor reviews of the initial release, Google has asked other companies to delay any product announcements until it can refine the software.

Obviously this has the potential to be a bad situation for Google. While the initial reviews of Google TV were less than stellar, future improvements are always welcome. However, when improvements mean delays, customers have a tendency to get upset. Not to mention those companies with hardware ready to announce.

I think that there is a huge difference between shipping beta web apps and beta software that is on an $800 device. I’m not sure Google understands that quite yet.

Article Via Electronista

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