Google Pushes Some Waze Features To Its Maps App

Google has started to take advantage of its recent acquisition and is now moving some Waze features over to Google Maps. Google Maps for iOS and Android have been updated to include Waze’s real time incident reporting feature, making reports made in Waze to now be also visible in Google Maps.

Waze’s real time incident reports allow users to submit the locations of things ranging from accidents to construction sites to police traps. Google Maps users in the following countries will now start to see this information pop-up within the Google Maps app in addition to the Waze app: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.

Google is also going the other way too, by bringing some Google enhancements over to the Waze app. Waze will now have integrated Google Search, which will greatly help in locating things like businesses, and the Waze Map Editor has been updated to include Google Street view.

Fans of Google Maps should be happy to see some cool new features come over from Waze, and Waze users should be happy to see Google continuing to keep the official Waze app running and updated.

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