Google Play Music Finally Hits iPhone, Offers One Month All Access Trial

While it’s been over four months that users have had access to Google Play Music on desktops and Android, today iOS users can finally get in on the action.

Google released its free Google Play Music app today, which gives users access to their songs stored online through Google Play Music’s cloud storage feature. If you weren’t aware, Google lets you upload up to 20,000 songs to the service entirely for free, which you can now access for free from iOS.

Besides that, however, Google Play Music also offers its $9.99 monthly All Access membership, which gives users a sort of unlimited Radio service, competing with Apple’s own iTunes Radio service. One thing about Google’s service is that it doesn’t limit the number of times you can skip, which gives it a bit of an edge over a number of competitors.

The app also works with Google’s Chromecast.

If you’re looking to switch music apps, or simply find one, you can test out Google’s All Access service with a free one month trial from within the iOS app.

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