New Google Maps Design Leaked Ahead Of I/O Event

Google’s I/O event will be taking place a little later on today, but a newly designed Google Maps with new features has already leaked ahead of the event. The page has since been taken down, but not before a few screenshots were taken for everyone to see.

The screenshots reveal that a completely redesigned Google Maps is on the way. But what exactly does this mean? The sign-up page mentioned a “tailored map for every search,” so from the sounds of it a map will show you what’s important based on your search. It sounds like a whole new generation of mapping is on the horizon with custom “smart maps.”

There’s also a new “smarter search box,” which was revealed during a previous leak. You’ll be able to find the search box on top of the full-screen maps, which will make information, like destinations, ratings, reviews, and indoor maps, available during your search.

Other leaked images show Google Maps images using Google Earth. The new Google Maps will also incorporate Google’s flight search, a comparison of various modes of transportation, and will adjust according to previous searches and ratings.

The images didn’t reveal if these changes would also be for mobile devices, but they’ll probably end up there at some point.




Image Credit: Droid Life

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