Google Combines Drive, Gmail and Google+ Storage

Google has unified account storage from Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ into one data pool, giving free users 15GB of usable web storage. This 15GB of storage can be used across all Google services without any form of allocation. The same applies for people who have purchased additional storage for their Gmail or Google Drive account.

Google unifying its storage accounts will be a huge win for most Google users that don’t use the full potential of a Google service. For instance, I’m not a huge Gmail or Google+ user, but I use Google Drive on a daily basis. It will be nice for me to be able to use my unused Gmail storage on Google Drive and not let the storage go to waste.

This change will also make Google Drive a more worthy competitor to Dropbox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. These services only offer 2GB and 5GB to free users respectively, making them hard to use for photo backups. Google Drive has a wide range of well-designed mobile apps as well as desktop clients and was launched in April of 2012.

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