Google Chrome To Let You Know What Tabs Are Yelling At You

If you’re the one window at a time type, this won’t help you in the least, but if you’re like me and rock a bazillion tabs at one time, you’ll be happy to know that Google Chrome will soon be letting you know what tabs are playing audio in the background so you can shut it down faster than a rave at a frat house.

The pay-attention-to-me tab will soon display a nice little icon that shows a speaker with audio blasting out the speakers, making it easier to triangulate where the viagra ad is playing, and let you know which tab you should be closed before the wife gets home.

The feature is already in the Chrome beta (version 32), so if you can’t wait you can go download it now. It should hit the primetime relatively soon.

Photo Credit: CarbonNYC (cc)

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