Gmail Gets Better. Kinda.

Google continues to refine and hone their flagship email service, Gmail, buffing up features and functionality. Search has received a much-needed improvement (for English users only so far), even adding autocomplete services. According to Engadget: “Now, instead of simply returning results for labels and contacts, queries will also include relevant email info based on the conversations stored in a user’s account, like flight or hotel reservations.”

This new searchy goodness only exists on the web app (not your mobile app or whatever), but Google will no doubt intend to roll this out to all permutations of Gmail with a little time and testing, including non-English languages. Here’s the blurb from Google’s blog:

Now when you type something into the Gmail search box, the autocomplete predictions will be tailored to the content in your email, so you can save time and get the information you want faster than ever before. For example, you might now get lax reservation or lax united as predictions after typing “lax” if you have received an email with a flight confirmation for your trip to Los Angeles in your inbox recently.

While some have trepidation about using Gmail because of the way that Google’s tech crawls through your messages in order to better hone advertising, it continues to be the most efficient and well-maintained mail service on the web. Note that I didn’t say “biggest”, as Hotmail likely still holds that title. Unfortunately.

Source: Google Blog
Via: Engadget

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